Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Utah Vacation

On July 7th, Logan, Jeremy and I left for Utah to visit his family. This was going to be Logan's first plane trip. She did great on the trip there, she ate while we were taking off and then slept most of the trip. Jeremy held her while we landed and she did really good. We got off the plane and headed to get our bags. Larry and Twila were there to pick us up with a car seat all ready for her. They were able to borrow a bunch of baby stuff for Logan to use while we were there. Friday we went and ran some errands. My sister in law would be flying in Friday night as well, and joining us for the weekend. Friday night, Jeremy and I were able to go enjoy a movie, "Horrible Bosses" and left Logan with my in-laws. I was a little nervous, as that was her first time we had left her with anyone. We enjoyed the movie and headed home. Logan did great with her grandparents. I was so glad to hear that. Saturday morning we had the traditional big breakfast at the house (they normally do it on Sunday, but since they had other plans, we did it on Saturday) After breakfast, we headed to the picture place to have a family picture taken. We did a couple group shots and then had to take a break because Logan was being so fussy. I fed her and changed her and then we started taking more pictures. She was still quite a bit fussy, except for when I was holding her against my chest. After the family pics, we got some good pictures of Jeremy, Logan and I. Then Chris and Tirah took a picture together as well. We made an appointment to come back on Wednesday morning to look at the proofs and chose the prints they wanted. Saturday night all the family came over for dinner. We had kabobs, which were delicious! Sunday afternoon, Larry and Twila hosted a "Meet Logan Mason party" They wanted their friends and family to meet their first grandchild. Logan got to meet family and friends and she did really good. Sunday night, Kenny took Jeremy to the airport. Jeremy had to head back early because he had class on Monday and Wednesday and couldn't miss any of his classes. Logan and I would be staying until Thursday. On Monday, Twila, Logan and I headed to Carter to check out the cute clothes they have there. We don't have a Carter's here in OK...Yet, we are getting one soon. We picked out some clothes for her, Some were bigger for a few months from now. Tuesday we ended up going to Park City, this is where they held the Olympics in 2002 Winter Olympics. We went up one side of the mountain, going over Guradsman Pass, and then up to Park City and down the other side of the mountain. It was Logan's first trip to the mountains. She did really good. We stopped at an Italian restaurant in Park City and had lunch. I have been craving pizza, and since I can't eat cheese, this was a good opportunity to get a "Gourmet Pizza". I ordered pizza topped with olive oil, basil, tomatoes and artichokes. It was sooooo good! Wednesday morning we went to look at the pictures from Saturday and then had lunch. I then went and spent the rest of the afternoon with Tirah. It was really nice to have baby free time, plus Logan got to spend time with her Grandparents. Tirah and I enjoyed pedicures and manicures and then went to a few other places and just hung out. Thursday, Logan and I came back to Oklahoma. It was so nice to be back home. She was a little fussy for the plane ride coming home, but all in all she did good. We were in the very last seat of the plane in the back, but the seat next to us was empty. It was really loud back there, but nice to have the extra room.
Here are a few pictures from the trip
Logan spending time with Jeremy before he goes back home

Logan's first picture in the mountains

We watched the skiers jump off here and into the water

Logan was sleeping while this was going on

Lucy, the sweetest dog ever!

Briney, sad because she didn't get all the attention

Logan by the tree that her Grandma and Grandpa Mason planted for her

Logan and Aunt Tirah

Logan on the plane ride home. Just after getting her diaper changed.

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